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Campbell Scientific CR800 series data loggers for small to medium long term or remote applications

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Campbell Scientific CR800 series data loggers are a complete new measurement and control system, designed to take over from the previous CR510 data logger. The two data loggers are ideal for small to medium long term or remote applications, but with added periphials can be used in large projects.

The CR800 series contains two versions of the logger, the CR800 and CR850. The CR800 has an external keyboard option (CR1000KD), connecting via the CS I/O port, allowing the user to travel to multiple sites, while the CR850 has an inbuilt keyboard display. By using either the external keyboard or inbuilt display, users can display stored values, edit programs on-site and calibrate sensors.

Both data loggers support the flexible CRBasic programming language, facilitating data processing and analysis routines. PakBus and Modbus RTU communication protocols allow for multiple telemetry options and logger networking.

The CR800 series also features 2MB of battery-back SRAM and clock that ensures data, programs and accurate time are maintained, while it is disconnected from main power. Unlike its predecessor the CR510, the CR800 series supports multiplexers and SDM devices, allowing users to expand their network without using high end equipment.

The series operates using the standard ports of a Campbell logger and more, including CS I/O and RS-232 serial ports, 16-bit microcontroller with 32-bit internal CPU architecture, three differential (six single-ended) analogue inputs with 13-bit AD conversions, five pulse counting channels, which include two low-level pulse channels and a background system calibration for accurate measurements over time and temperature changes.

Four multifunction control ports can be configured as digital inputs or outputs, SDI-12 sensors or recorders, pulse inputs and RS232 ports.

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