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Campbell Scientific Aust provide CR800 data logger

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The CR800 data logger from Campbell Scientific Aust is a smaller version of their CR1000 data logger. The CR800 data logger function as an alternative for measurements of a limited number of sensors, yet can be used with most of the communication devices.

Reduced channel numbers make the CR800 loggers ideally suited for small to medium sized applications although they can be used for large scale applications using a range of expansion peripherals.

An optional built in display is also available with CR850 model from Campbell Scientific Aust, allowing the user to view current and stored values, on-site program-editing and sensor calibration. The CR800 data logger can provide the same functions when used in conjunction with the CR1000KD keyboard display.

The following are the features of CR800 data logger:

  • Ideal datalogger where only a few sensors will be measured
  • Can be used in large scale networks with added expansion peripherals
  • Stores 2 MBs of data in FLASH memory
  • Optional inbuilt display model available (CR850)
  • Data format is table
  • Operating system: PakBus Software support offered in LoggerNet or PC400 (full-featured)
  • or ShortCut (programming) Detachable keyboard/display, the CR1000KD, can be carried to multiple stations
  • Supports Modbus protocol, SDI-12 protocol, and SDM devices

The following are the specifications of CR800 data logger:

  • Analogue inputs: 6 single-ended or 3 differential, individually configured
  • Pulse counters: 2
  • Switched voltage excitations: 2
  • Control/digital ports: 4
  • Scan rate: 100 Hz
  • Analogue voltage resolution: from up to 0.33 uV

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