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Camfil Farr releases new dust filters for workshops and maintenance facilities

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While dust in the mine is seen as an ever present problem, dust around other areas of the site can often been ignored.

In the quest to minimise dust rising from haul roads, open pits, and transported loads, areas such as the workshop and maintenance facilities may be neglected.

Although these areas don't suffer from dust to the same degree as an open pit, workshops have the added bonus of dealing with chemical and oil fumes within an enclosed space. 

With these issues in mind, Camfil Air Pollution Control has updated its line of Farr Gold series cartridge dust and fume collectors.

According to the company, this revamped line features intrinsic design changes as well as "an expanded menu of options to ensure a clean workplace in all types of industrial environments".

Camfil's president, Lee Morgan, stated that "we've made these changes to uphold our mission statement - to supply the best dust collector from an end-user and maintenance standpoint".

The new upgrades to the Farr Gold series have seen the cartridge dust and fume collectors built with a rugged modular construction for a higher performance, as well as ease of maintenance.

They have also been redesigned to meet the higher emission standards demanded by mines more focused on reducing their carbon footprint.

The company says that "the Gold series collector now has a reinforced door with double thick hinges, much easier to operate hardware, and a single flat inside panel which creates a much smoother, airtight gasketed seal".

A taller inlet collar now accommodates larger fans with a better clearance level, while the fans themselves are built with a damper actuator handle that allows the users to see, from ground level, whether the damper is in an open or closed position.

Inside of the collector the gaskets have been moved to the edges of the pan so that dust is unable to build up on top of the vertically mounted filters inside during operation.

The filters cartridges have a longer life, new touch screen controls, and enhanced filter cleaning as well as a diaphragm silencer that reduces noise levels by up to eight decibels

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