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Range of transducers from Cambridge Transducers

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Cambridge Transducers  is a well established supplier of measuring instruments. It supplies products to the Electrical and Electronics industries. The product range of Cambridge Transducers includes Australian made power transducers, EMC test equipment and power meters.

The Australian made power transducers from Cambridge Transducers has an accuracy of class 0.2. These transducers complies with the International British and Australian Standards. These transducers are widely used to convert the AC voltage, frequency, current or instantaneous power signals into DC signals, that is proportional to the measured value. The output signal from the transducers enables simultaneous operation of the receiving instruments like digital indicators, analogue meters, controllers, recorders, etc. both at distant location and / or at measuring point.

The output signals from the transducers can drive data processing equipment and programmable logic controllers (PLC's). The significant feature of the transducers is that the complete range of products is placed in the same molded case. The molded case exist in two different types namely, the 100mm (4”) and 50mm (2”) case. The transducers of Watt Hour, Triple Current and Voltage, Watt/Watt Hour, Var/Var Hour and Var Hour models has an integrator and power transducer housed in the 100mm (4”) case. The other models of transducers are housed in the 50mm (2”) type molded case. These transducers are available in extensive range.

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