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M200 DC transducer trips available from Cambridge Transducers

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The M200 DC transducer trips, available from Cambridge Transducers , are designed to take inputs from transducers and transmitters. The transducer trips provide a relay operation when the transducer signal deviates outside the preset limit. Any of the M100 series transducers can be used with the transducer trip.

A typical application of the M200 DC transducer trips is to control power using a M100-WA with 4 to 20mA signal fed to a M200-TAO. For example, when the output goes with a preset limit of 80%, the TAO relay will close, setting off an alarm or shutting down a process. Either DC voltage or DC current inputs can be used.

As is common with all the M200 relays, on over units the relay energises when the input exceeds the trip point. On under units the relay de-energises when the input signal goes below the trip point. A red LED indicates the state of the relay, while a green LED indicates the condition of the power supply.

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