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Hobut range of multifunction panel meters available from Cambridge Transducers

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article image The Hobut multifunction panel meter

Cambridge Transducers  have introduced a low cost power meter with multifunction parameters. The new Hobut range of panel meters are 96 x 96mm in size and comprise a blue LED screen, which can be seen in direct sunlight.

The panel meter is easy to use, features user-programmable CT and VT ratios, and can be used on any single or three phase system with any input voltage without re-programming.

The panel meter range is a cost effective replacement for a traditional panel meter and is suitable for low, medium and high voltage control panels, gensets, building management systems and power management systems.

The new panel meter range also compliments Cambridge Transducers’ range of split core current transformers and standard current transformers.

The features of this panel meter include:

  • Unique blue screen that can be seen in direct sunlight
  • User programmable C/T and V/T ratios
  • Standard product can be used for single or three phase systems
  • Programmable input voltage that range from 28 to 570VAC
  • Programmable AC or DC aux supply
  • Programmable RS485 modbus address from1 to 247
  • Security code access for programming

The standard functions of the panel meter include:
  • Phase Voltage (V)
  • Phase to Neutral Voltage (V)
  • Phase Current (I)
  • Frequency (Hz)
  • Active Power (W)
  • Active Energy (kWh)
  • Reactive Power (VAr)
  • Apparent Power (VA)
  • Reactive Energy (VArh)
  • Power Factor (PF)
  • Instantaneous Amp Demand
  • Instantaneous Watt Demand
  • Instantaneous VA Demand
  • Maximum Amp Demand
  • Maximum Watt Demand
  • Maximum VA Demand

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