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Digital panel meters available from Cambridge Transducers

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Available from Cambridge Transducers , digital panel meters provide a varied range of AC or DC input parameters. They measure 96 x 48mm with 3.5 digit, 14.2mm high seven segment LEDs.

There are three main product group types including:

  • AC Volts
  • Amps
  • DC Volts
  • Milliamps
  • Millivolts
  • Frequency
AC Voltage and Current circuits are RMS calibrated and the input signal is altered to a low level of AC. The transformer secondary voltage is fed to a precision active rectifier and the ensuing DC signal is presented to an analogue to digital A/D. The A/D converter uses the dual converter slope integration method of conversion. The resulting digital information is used to drive the LED display.

DC Voltage and current inputs are supplied into high stability ranging components which reduce the input signal to a 2 volt level. If the input is below 2 Volts and amplifier is employed to derive 2 Volts. The 2 Volt signal is then presented to the A/D converter which provides the digital information to drive the LED display.

A Frequency to Voltage F/V converter is utilised, converting the output signal to a DC signal. This DC signal is fed into the A/D converter and the same process as in the AC and DC circuits previously described takes place.

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