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Electric pumps offered by Calpeda Pumps

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Calpeda Pumps  has been operating in the industry of electric pumps for a long time. Calpeda Pumps studies, develops, manufactures and industrialises pumping systems.

A wide and precise variety of pumps for a broad range of uses such as industrial fields, domestic applications, wastewater, groundwater and sewage applications is offered by Calpeda Pumps for building-service sector, civil plants, irrigation and agricultural applications, spa baths and swimming pools.

Wide range of products offered by Calpeda Pumps includes multi-stage pumps, single and twin impeller centrifugal pumps, whirlpool and swimming-pool pumps, peripheral and gear pumps, self-priming pumps, submersible drainage pumps, immersion pumps, circulating pumps, submersible bore-hole pumps, fire-fighting and pressure boosting sets and accessories.

The products offered by Calpeda Pumps include pumps that are produced from die-cast, fused or hot pressed metals. Calpeda Pumps also manufactures pumps from composite materials with inserts, cold worked laminated stainless steels, specialist plastics - injection stamped and friction-welded components.

For a few models Calpeda Pumps even has composites that are particularly produced from five different materials. Each of the material contributes to improving the quality of the finished product such as confrontation to external and internal forces, resistance to corrosion and wear, reduction in frictional losses and reduction in weight, volume, noise and environmental impact.

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