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Pressure reducing valves, pressure relief valves and float valves from Calorex

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Calorex  manufactures a wide range of valves such as pressure reducing valves, pressure relief valves, level control valves, air release valves, flow control valves, tank breather valves, vacuum relief valves and steam control valves.

Range of pressure reducing valves from Calorex includes direct acting pressure reducing valves, pilot controlled pressure reducing valves and double chamber type pressure reducing valves.

Range of pressure relief valves includes side outlet pressure relief valves, surplus valves, pilot controlled pressure relief valves, stainless steel pressure relief valves and spring loaded pressure relief valves.

Level control valve range includes float valve, type MG float valve and equilibrium float valve. The range of float valves have internal pilot, level sensing pilot and remote ball float pilot controlled options. Equilibrium float valve is ideal for low to medium pressure applications.

Ratio reducing valves from Calorex is an alternative way to reduce pressure. The ratio reducing valve automatically controls the downstream pressure to a ratio of the upstream pressure. Ratio reducing valve is designed for pressure reducing applications where a constant outlet pressure is not necessary. The valve is cost-effective compared to pilot-operated pressure reducing valves. Ratio reducing valves are available in 25 to 150 millimetres.

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