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Miniature heat stress monitors from Calor Instruments

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Calor Instruments  supplies heat stress monitor which is a stand alone weather station used to measure air temperature, wind speed, solar radiation, humidity, altitudes and barometric pressure. Heat stress monitors provides sensor combinations for all commonly used indices.

Heat stress monitor has a black globe which is used to measure radiant heat. The black globe is made of a single piece of copper having a wall thickness of only 0.15 millimetres. This minimal thickness provides fast and accurate measurement.

When not in use, the sensors rotates and stows away into the rear of the device for storage and compact packaging. This design allows the module to be deployed without any risk of contamination and breakage. The entire module can be removed for replacement, repair or calibration when required. Heat stress monitoring device is available with a carry case and is supplied with software and accessories for data downloading.

Miniature heat stress monitor from Calor Instruments is ideal for military training exercises, combat, mining, foundries, agriculture, offshore oil operations, endurance sports, office environments and many other similar industrial settings.

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