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Heat stress monitors from Calor Instruments

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Calor Instruments  offers heat stress monitors to increase safety and maximise productivity in workplaces and sports field areas. Calor Instruments provides a miniature handheld package which is rugged enough to be used in the field and simple enough to be operated without specialised training. Heat stress and strain monitor offers both measurements and computed guidelines to increase safety and maximise productivity.

The heat stress monitor provides viewing of environmental data for monitoring purposes and performs unattended logging of data. The user interface can be adapted for alternative applications and additional sensor modules can also be developed for measuring other environmental parameters.

Precise monitoring of human heat stress in the workplace and on the sports field helps in reducing cost and improves performance. The monitoring device contributes to the overall health and safety aspects.

Miniature heat stress monitor from Calor Instruments is ideal for military training exercises, combat, mining, foundries, agriculture, offshore oil operations, endurance sports, office environments and many other similar industrial settings. Miniature heat stress monitor can also be used by engineers and architects to measure airflow and other parameters in partitioned offices. In addition to monitoring stress and strain, heat stress monitor can be used to assess food outlets for compliance with local health regulations.

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