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Heat stress monitoring device from Calor Instruments

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Calor Instruments  supplies heat stress monitoring device which reduces cost, improves performance and contributes to improved health and safety. Heat stress monitoring device has numerous features which include removable environmental data sensor system, liquid crystal display and real-time data logging. Heat stress monitor utilises four standard AA-sized alkaline batteries and measures approximately 384 cubic centimetres and weighs 370 grams.

The Heat stress monitors are equipped with thermistor-based sensors, capacitive polymer-based sensor and piezoresistive absolute pressure sensor. The thermistor-based sensors measure air temperature, wind speed and solar radiation while the capacitive polymer-based sensor measures humidity. The piezoresistive absolute pressure sensor helps in measuring barometric pressure and estimating altitude.

All calibration data and signal conditioning electronics are contained in the sensor module. A digital serial interface is utilised to perform data acquisition and control while the liquid crystal display has sufficient resolution to display all the required environmental parameters. Data logging results can be viewed onscreen or can be downloaded to a desktop computer for analysis. Heat stress monitors can be tripod mounted for specific placement when in data logging mode.

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