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Varieties of Moisture analyzer form Callidan Instruments

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Callidan Instruments  has introduced the new Moist/Scan moisture analyzer series II. It has included new improvements in Moist/Scan series II moisture analyzer. The newly added features includes enhanced dynamic range, temperature control, software techniques, ramping, phase and attenuation measurement, upgraded absorbance and reflectance material. The Moist/Scan Series II moisture analysers provides the benefits like accuracy, reduced reflectance, better dynamic range and stability to the clients. The moisture analysers are available in a wide range and each one with different specifications.

The Moist/Scan series II moisture analyzers from the Callidiab Instruments are available in a wide range of models. It includes MA-500, MA-600 and MA-700 (in pipe), MA-100 (Benchtop) and MA-800 (Probe).
The Moist/Scan MA-500 moisture analyzer is the world's famous on-belt microwave moisture analyzer. This type of analyzer is available in two different types namely, MA-500 HD and MA-500 HDi.

The Moist/Scan MA-600 moisture analyzer is widely used in hoppers, screw-feeders, chutes, non-standard belt and also roller conveyors.

The Moist/Scan MA-700 In pipe moisture meter, enables real-time monitoring of materials that are transported through the pipe conveyer. This type of moisture meter is available in different models suitable for food processing, mining and mineral processing, and also for manufacturing of building products and chemicals.
The Moist/Scan MA-800 Moisture probe possesses a probe antenna design and it can be used in ovens, fluid bed dryers, mixing vessels, cookers, silos and bins.

The Moist/Scan MA-100 Benchtop moisture meter is suitable for batch type operations and installations enables to grab samples and to acquire instant moisture measurements.

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