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Callidan Instruments introduces the Moist/Scan Moisture analyzer

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Callidan Instruments  is a well established supplier of moisture measurement instrumentation. It uses the dielectric constant discrimination. It has now introduced the Moist//Scan microwave method. The Moist//Scan moisture analyzer measures the variations in the velocity (phase shift) and strength (attenuation) of the microwave signal caused due to the moisture. The Moist//Scan moisture analyzer uses an ideal measurement methodology and proprietary software that minimizes error and enhances accuracy, precision and repeatability.

The in-line moisture analysers from Callidan Instruments are used in industrial, mining and various other humidity sensitive applications. The Moist//Scan uses the microwave technology, as it is considered to be the most reliable and accurate technology for moisture measurement. The microwave technology is superior to all other techniques used for measurement of moisture.

The Moist//Scan moisture analyzer from the Callidan Instruments has a wide range of advantages. It shows superior performance and gives instantaneous results through local HMI or directly to the plants PLC. Moist//Scan is the practically proven technology and it ensures easy operation, commissioning and installation. This moisture analyzer requires no maintenance and it employs a non-contact design. The Moist/Scan moisture analyzer is safe to operate. The inline instruments from the Callidan Instruments are custom- built and are suitable for all types of applications. The added advantages of the Moist/Scan moisture analyzer includes customized data analysis, easy access to the diagnostic informations and product configuration and also calibration of information.Choice of display methods and communication protocols are also available with the Moist/Scan moisture analysers.The Secondary sensory devices like the mass flow rate and temperature sensors can be included in to the Moist/Scan moisture analyzer.

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