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On and off-site calibration and testing services from Calibration and Instrumentation Services

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Calibration & Instrumentation Services  aim to provide its industry customers with NATA accredited or accepted equivalent calibration and equipment testing services. 

In house and on-site, the company provides advanced equipment to calibrate, investigate and provide reports for its clients. Off-site the company offers accredited assistance to industries for their calibration processes. 

Staff in or closely associated with the company draw experience from over 20 years in the instrumentation industry and have degrees at various university institutions. They also continue to attend various quality management and training courses both in Australia and overseas. 

Each individual calibration and equipment testing job is guided by the company's standard procedures which adhere to national standards. However, the company recognises that there are unique aspects to every customer's processes which may require a different approach and focus. The company aims to be flexible in its service approach. 

In providing quality testing services on-site, the company has developed a range of equipment especially for pressure, temperature and electrical testing. The equipment has been developed so that it is of a significantly higher level of acurracy than most equipment provided for testing. This allows for higher compensated ranges especially for temperature testing and larger degrees of accuracy overall. 

Further, final reports are provided to clients in a detailed format including how the results were obtained and the details regarding the results.

Calibration and equipment testing services provided by the company:

  • calibration by application of actual variable (temperature, pressure or electrical)
  • calibration by simulation (application of sensor output to indicator, controller, chart recorder etc.)
  • capture maxima and/or minima
  • data analysis in Excel spreadsheets
  • data log from 1 to 34 channels
  • fault finding
  • graphing of results to show non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability
  • monitor rates of change (eg. leaks or instrument drift)
  • wide range of process connections and adaptors, including sanitary and unusual sensors (such as plastic extruder pressure sensors)
Industries which have been previously used the company's services:
  • automotive
  • chemical
  • cold Storage
  • engineering
  • food
  • gas
  • hydraulics
  • hospital
  • manufacturing
  • marine/shipping
  • medical
  • pharmaceutical
  • plastics
  • plumbing
  • water

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