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Calibration & Instrumentation Services' temperature testing services using calibrated reference PRTs

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Calibration & Instrumentation Services  provide a range of temperature testing services, cryogenic to furnace temperatures for both a variety of instruments and applications. 

Using calibrated reference PRT's, the company can test temperatures down to a range of -196°C and to a maximum range of 650°C.

Tested by the National Measurement Institute, the company's temperature calibration device provides for accuracies (best reference uncertainties: 95% confidence level, coverage factor of 2) of: 

  • ± 0.009 deg C for temperatures from 0° to 240°C 
  • ± 0.013 deg C for temperatures from 260° to 650°C 
  • ± 0.016 deg C for temperatures from 0° to -196°C 
The company provides a variety of temperature testing services using its calibrated reference PRT including: 
  • testing temperature baths covering ranges from -55º to 650ºC (for all types of thermometers/temperature sensors, including infrared)
  • can accommodate unusual sensors such as Dynisco-style plastic extruder sensors
  • generate electrical signals of 11 types of thermocouples
  • generate resistance signatures of 14 types of RTD (in 2, 3 and 4-wire versions)
  • measure all types of thermocouple and resistance thermometers (RTDs)
  • monitor up to 34 channels thermocouples/18 channels RTDs, with graphical displays and logging (eg. process applications, ovens, furnaces, refrigerators and cool rooms)
  • can calibrate sensors over 5 metres above ground level, without platforms or ladders
Instruments that have been temperature calibrated by the company include: 
  • analogue/digital
  • bi-metal
  • chart recorders
  • glass (mercury/alcohol)
  • infra-red
  • liquid filled
  • loggers
  • PRT’s/RTD
  • process instruments
  • transmitters
  • temperature Controllers
  • thermocouples
Applications that can be temperature tested through the company's services: 
  • afterburners/Incinerators
  • boilers
  • cool rooms
  • environmental chambers
  • food display cases
  • freezers
  • furnaces
  • industrial processes
  • ovens
  • plastics extruders
  • refrigerators
  • warming rooms
Industries which have previously used the company's temperature testing services: 
  • automotive
  • chemical
  • cold Storage
  • food
  • manufacturing
  • marine/shipping
  • medical/hospital
  • meat production/abbatoirs
  • pharmaceutical
  • plastics
Please note temperature testing for the following devices, applications and industries are only available on special request:
  • plastics industry & extruders
  • cool rooms, refrigerators and freezers
  • warming rooms

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