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Visy selects CalAir Pro-Pipe II system for its $18m materials recovery facility

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The paper and board, and packaging manufacturer, Visy, has selected CalAir Pipe Systems ’ CalAir Pro-Pipe II system for its $18m Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) located at Smithfield in Sydney.

The CalAir pro-Pipe II polymer piping system chosen for the plant is totally recyclable unlike metal welded systems which frequently have to be junked when production facilities change configuration or location.

Visy adopted CalAir Pro-Pipe II system to ensure clean, energy-efficient delivery of air from its main compressor plant and to its hard-working dust collectors.

In addition to reticulating air around the main Ingersol Rand compressor plant, the light weight, easily handled system (weighing one eighth equivalent galvanized steel) delivers strong and reliable flows of air to actuate the valves operating the dust collection system.

Besides energy savings resulting from the pipelines’ low friction, non-corrosive interiors, the system’s cleanliness also helps ensure maximum purity in the reticulation systems serving pneumatic and liquid services.

About 150m of CalAir Pro-Pipe II for air was installed at Visy (colour coded aqua for safety, in accordance with AS 1345-1995). Pro Pipe II pipe systems are permanently colour-coded pipe systems in accordance with AS 1345-1995, including aqua for compressed air, beige for gas, green for water, red for fire services, violet for acids and alkalines, brown for oil and black for waste.

The Visy installation transports air through areas in which variations in ambient temperature might occasionally be encountered, so the piping has to be able to safely withstand change. Being more than a third stiffer than standard polymer piping, Pro-Pipe II can carry air, other gases and water at temperatures from -20 deg C up to 100 degrees C to levels typically 40 degrees higher than earlier types of piping.

The CalAir reticulation system involved in the Visy project is available in sizes from 12.5mm-100mm (half-inch to four-inch nominal bore), and is simple, versatile and very flexible to use. It is also a very complete system, with a comprehensive range of joints, cross-pieces, elbows, fasteners and fittings. CalAir’s Pro-Pipe II is also available with welded joints incorporating stainless steel couplings for specialist applications involving high security and aggressive environments.

CalAir Pro-Pipe II systems are highly suitable for use in aggressive environments involving dust, chemicals or primary products, ranging from product preparation and processing of timber, paper, food and beverages.

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