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Polymer piping systems with welded joints

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article image Welded stainless joints for security and cleanliness.

CALAIR 'S Pro-Pipe II is now available with welded joints incorporating stainless steel couplings for applications involving high security and aggressive environments.

The system is manufactured for handling compressed air, production gases, chemical solutions, oil, water, fire services and waste products. It weighs eight times less than steel and is permanently colour-coded for optimum safety as required by OHS regulations. It incorporates 316 grade stainless steel screw fittings that eliminate the need for specialist O-rings sometimes required where aggressive chemicals are carried in processing applications.

Stainless steel makes it suitable for chemical, food and other processing applications requiring long-term cleanliness and security. It is available in sizes from 12.5mm-100mm. No expensive skilled labour is needed for installation, reconfiguring or recycling of the original CalAir systems, just simple ring wrenches, used by normal factory labour after minutes of training. They can be quickly and easily demounted for changes to reticulation systems as plant needs change. The new welded joint systems are fabricated on-site using electric fusion welders.

Both welded and non-welded systems feature CalAir's permanent colour-coding for fast and safe identification of pipe contents. In accordance with AS 1345-1995, the CalAir family of pipe systems is coloured aqua for compressed air, beige for gas, green for water, red for fire services, violet for acids and alkalines, brown for oil and black for waste. Unlike products that need to be tagged for content identification, Pro-Pipe II is permanently coloured to conform with standards relating to content identification of pipes, conduits and ducts, including AS1345 (1995).

Pro-Pipe systems include a range of elbows, adaptors and T-joints needed for total reticulation systems in plants of any size. They are manufactured from CXPP40 high-performance block co-polymer polypropylene, which exhibits outstanding pressure capability characteristics at elevated temperatures.

They are more than a third stiffer than standard polymer piping, allowing longer spans without sagging. They can carry loads at temperatures from -20°C up to 100°C and are guaranteed for 10 years, with typical expected lifespans of 50 years, depending on the application.

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