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Polymer piping for food and beverages

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article image Permanently colour-coded for easy identification of contents.

CALAIR has released Pro-Pipe II polymer piping, suitable for compressed air, processing gases (including nitrogen), potable water, food contact, chemical solutions and fire services.

It is eight times lighter than galvanised piping and more cost-efficient than copper and stainless steel in many applications. It is also permanently colour-coded to AS 1345 and ISO R508 for easy identification of contents and safety during production and maintenance. Colour coding includes aqua for compressed air, beige for gas, green for water, red for fire services, violet for acids and alkalines, brown for oil and black for waste. Because colour-coded polymer sheathes the entire exterior it can never fall off, be worn off or be permanently discoloured by production debris.

The polymer can't rust to foul tools or product, has high natural insulation properties and permanently smooth internal bores for low friction, energy saving gas and liquid flows.

It is simple to install and to alter as production needs change without a need for welding. The lines can be cut and rejoined using Pro-Pipe's joints, angles and sealants. The additional stiffness of Pro-Pipe II will further allows installers to use longer spans without sagging and to use fewer fasteners.

It is manufactured from CXPP40 co-polymer polypropylene. It can carry gases and water at temperatures from -20ºC up to 100ºC. Heightened thermal performance will permit the piping system to carry compressed air efficiently across a wide range of temperatures. This makes it more suitable for use in areas with extreme ambient temperature fluctuations and where different types of air purification produces different air output temperatures.

The piping is guaranteed for 10 years, with expected life spans of 50 years in some applications. The piping is available in sizes from 12.5mm-100mm.

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