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Lightweight halogen-free FRAS pressure pipes from Calair Pipe Systems

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article image Halogen-free FRAS pressure pipes

A range of rugged, halogen-free, flame-retardant anti-static (FRAS) pressure pipes has been announced by Calair Pipe Systems . This range is engineered for use in underground applications such as coal mining and methane extraction.

According to John McNab, Calair Managing Director, the halogen-free FRAS compressed air and water piping uses lightweight polymers in mining and materials handling applications involving coal, methane, petro-chemicals, paints, powders, solvents and volatile primary processing.

The non-corrosive Australian manufactured product is tested to AS 1180.13A and AS 1180.10B. It is also eight times lighter than equivalent steel piping and easily jointed with a family of bronze alloy compression fittings. Calair Pipe Systems’ safety colour-coded pipe systems are designed for radically simplified erection, disassembly and recycling within a fraction of the time taken to construct and change traditional metal products.

McNab also stated that the new formulation is designed to overcome hurdles in producing halogen free flame-retardant pressure pipes, without degrading their overall performance, including impact resistance or pressure capability. Easily capable of handling typical pressures of 20 bar or more, the new halogen-free, low toxicity FRAS range, like other products from Calair Pipe Systems, does not produce corrosive or toxic flue gases in the event of a fire.

Manufactured to the same standards of durability and quality as Calair gas and liquid pipe systems used in Australia and internationally, the easily handled systems are designed for use in difficult and demanding applications where traditional materials are not suitable.

The advantages of these systems from Calair Pipe Systems, as compared to metal alternatives often used in such situations, are their light weights, non-corrosive features and the ability to conform to shapes encountered in tunnels and restricted spaces. Being multiple times lighter than metal alternatives, they can be easily installed with fewer OHS issues than heavier materials.

Properties of the new HFFR ranges include:

  • Good electric or dielectric properties with the FRAS formulation being used where static electricity may be an issue, such as underground mining, coal storage, gas processing, petro-chemical plants, solvent and paint manufacturing, grain silos and computer installations
  • FRAS formulation tested to AS 1180.13A and AS 1180.10B
  • Fire rating meets or exceeds UL 94V-0
  • No fire transmission or fire propagation
  • Low density and minimal formation of flue gases in the event of a fire
  • High temperature resistance
  • Low toxicity, non corrosive
  • High impact properties and stiffness

Safety is further enhanced by permanent colour-coding to conform with the requirements of international standards relating to content identification of pipes, conduits and ducts, including AS1345 (1995). Safety colours include AQUA for compressed air and GREEN for water, with Calair Pipe Systems’ broader families of piping also including RED for fire services, VIOLET for acids and alkalines, BEIGE for gas ,BROWN for oil and BLACK for waste.

Available in sizes ranging from 12.5mm to 100mm (half-inch to four-inch nominal bore), the Calair system is simple, versatile and flexible to use without requiring any expensive specialist trades. Unlike metal welded systems, which frequently have to be junked when production facilities change location, the Calair system can be dismantled, packed away and reconverted to a new use.

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