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article image Halogen free electrical conduit - Produce no corrosive or toxic flue gases in the event of a fire.

CALAIR Pipe Systems has introduced a light, tough and flexible electrical services conduit especially formulated to meet high fire safety requirements in surface and sub-surface applications. The halogen free HFT range of polymer conduit is designed for radically simplified erection, disassembly and recycling within a fraction of the time taken to construct and change traditional metal alternatives conduit used in fire safety applications.

The new flame-retardant low toxicity HFT range produces no corrosive or toxic flue gases in the event of a fire, making it suitable for high safety applications including subways, tunnels, industrial and resources infrastructure, some commercial and public building projects and telecommunications and computer infrastructure.

Manufactured to the same standards of durability and quality as Calair gas and liquid pipe systems used in 6,500 applications in Australia and internationally, the corrosion free and halogen free HFT systems are designed for use in critical applications where traditional conduit materials, such as PVC, are not permitted.

Weighing just one-eighth the weight of galvanised steel, for example, the Halogen free electrical conduit can be easily installed with far fewer OHS issues than heavier materials.

The device’s flexibility enables it to confirm readily to irregular contours, such as those encountered in tunnels and trenches.

Properties of the new halogen free HFT range include:

* Fire rating meets or exceeds UL 94V-0

* No fire transmission or fire propagation

* Low density and minimal formation of flue gases in the event of a fire

* High temperature resistance

* Low toxicity, non corrosive

* High impact properties and stiffness

* Excellent electrical and dielectrical properties

* Sizes up to 100mm.

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