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External water spray bushfire protection

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article image CalAir Fire-Pro EWSS sprinkler system.

A NEW bushfire protection system that automatically drenches danger areas of house exteriors when life and property are under threat is being introduced by CalAir .

CalAir's Fire-Pro EWSS (External Water Spray System) is activated by low-voltage heat detectors as temperatures rise to danger levels. It was designed as a safe and practical alternative to last-resort measures such as people standing on roofs with garden hoses as fires approach.

Fire-Pro EWSS features unobtrusive built-in installation with all major pipe system components located within the roof space.

Low-profile Roof Mist and Eave Drencher spray nozzles, designed for weathertight installation, provide blanket coverage of external areas posing greatest risk, including RM1 nozzles for protection of flying embers on roofs and gutters and ED1 nozzles for protection of windows and doors.

Drawing water from either swimming pools or dedicated tanks, the system comes complete with pipe and pipe fittings, hose assemblies, spray nozzles, valves, heat detectors and with pumping equipment from Davey Pumps.

CalAir spray nozzle designs provide optimum droplet size at minimum flow and pressure to avoid early depletion of water supplies. The system automatically shuts down when temperatures drop below danger level.

Fire-Pro EWSS is designed for DIY installation or by CalAir's national network of installers.

The system is designed to be easy to install during building or to retro-fit.

The system's easily installed piping, made from an advanced polymer containing flame retardants, is eight times lighter than traditional galvanized steel piping, will not corrode either internally or externally, and does not require specialist labour or welding.

Fire-Pro EWSS is guaranteed for 10 years with typical life expectancies exceeding 50 years, depending on the application.

The system offers safe installation without having to walk on the roof as installation is completed from within the roof cavity. The pipe system's ring main is installed within the roof cavity without specialist tools.

Industrial grade flexible hosing carries water to nozzles projecting outside where they cover hazard areas. In addition to not having ugly pipelines covering roofs, the CalAir system prevents damage resulting from installers or inspectors walking upon them.

The spray nozzle adaptors, installed from within the roof space, are protected by a custom-moulded roof seal made from low density polyethylene with UV inhibitors for long life. In addition to prevent water ingress at the nozzle adaptors, the roof seal also insulates the nozzle adaptors in metal roofs to prevent electrolysis.

Designed for reliable long-term performance with flexible hose assemblies allowing for expansion and contraction during temperature fluctuations in roof cavities beneath tile and metal roofs.

Hose connections are crimped to ensure maximum strength and a watertight seal for long-term trouble-free service.

CalAir's Pro-Pipe II industrial and commercial piping systems are colour-coded to conform with international and Australian standards AS1345 (1995) and ISO R508 for content identification of pipes, conduits and ducts.

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