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CalAir’s polymer pipe systems used for Burwell’s project

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An Australian polymer pneumatic system designed for erection in a fraction of the time taken for conventional steel systems is being employed by Burwell Technologies in a major export order.

The package of CalAir pneumatic piping technologies is being installed in the new abrasive blasting plant of New Caledonia’s industrial painting group, EPC (Entreprise de Peinture Nouvelle Caledonie).

The CalAir technologies to be installed by Burwell in EPC’s steel treatment and coatings area include main 3in (75mm) feeds from the 800cfm Atlas Copco compressor, including feeds to the receiver and dryer, an 80m 2in (50mm) ring main, and 1in (25mm) tool drops, breathing air and pulse dust collector pulse cleaning outlets.

According to Burwell Technologies, it used to use steel piping but found the CalAir system goes in much quicker, is more flexible and easier to add to for future expansion, it saves time and money.

When using steel the user either has to weld, which means more trades, more time and more expense or the user is got the laborious job of screwing the system together.

With the CalAir product, one can just cut off the length they need and put it together with the system’s joints and fittings, which are dead simple. There’s no need for hacksawing metal or laborious trimming.

Burwell has switched completely to CalAir over the last five years, because it is so easy to erect and so easy to transport to jobs such as EPC.

Family owned and operated, the Burwell Group is Australia’s leading manufacturer and distributor of air blast equipment, dust extraction systems, abrasives and accessories for the surface preparation industry.

Burwell’s philosophy is to deliver top grade equipment engineered to improve productivity and reduce costs. By adopting good technologies such as the CalAir system, Burwell has built up national and international markets.

Typically weighing eight times less than steel, CalAir pipe systems are reusable, re-locatable and recyclable as well as being permanently colour-coded for safety, according to the gases and liquids they are used to carry.

EPM’s pneumatic pipe systems are coloured aqua in accordance with AS 1345-1995, while other CalAir Systems are coded beige for gas, green for water, red for fire services, violet for acids and alkalines, brown for oil and black for waste.

According to Burwell, a lot of industries are getting particular about safety and the pipelines one install; have to be the correct colour for their contents. With ordinary steel the user has a lot of painting to do, but with CalAir the colour is built in.

Another advantage is the prevention of corrosion in aggressive environments, such as the EPC blast room. Use of polymer means the user avoids common problems associated with conventional pipe systems such as rust and if they ever want to change the system around, that is easy too.

The non-corrosive, low-friction internal bore of the polymer pipelines means they will neither damage expensive tools by depositing particulates into the airstream, nor waste compressor energy by inhibiting air flow with the rust buildups that can strangle traditional systems.

CalAir introduced its colour-coded polymer pipe systems as an alternative to imported systems typically costing more than twice as much.

CalAir’s pipe systems which have now been used in more than 6500 sites are an increasingly attractive alternative because they can provide a reduction of 40 per cent in frictional losses and the high sealing efficiency to further reduce energy costs.

Typically 3-4 times quicker to install than traditional pipe lines, the CalAir piping system is a totally integrated system, with a comprehensive range of joints, cross-pieces, elbows, fasteners and fittings. It is simple, versatile and flexible to use without requiring any expensive specialist trades such as welding.

Proven in applications ranging from services of the Sydney Opera House to operations of Australian top 100 companies (including Ford, General Motors and BHP-Billiton), CalAir has been recognised by the Australian Government with an export achievement award and accepted into the Government-sponsored Australian Technology Showcase as a company with new and innovative products capable of achieving world markets.

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