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CalAir installs polymer piping system at Fortune Soy Manufacturing

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article image CalAir piping system in Fortune Soy Manufacturing

CalAir polymer piping system has once again demonstrated its ease of installation and flexibility and cleanliness in use in an installation at Fortune Soy Manufacturing.

More than 1.4 km of CalAir Air-Pro and Water-Pro systems were installed to supply processing equipment such as soy bean tanks and pneumatic machinery at the Fortune Soy facility in Padstow, NSW. Fortune Soy is a leading Manufacturer of soy food products, having been in the industry for 18 years.

Henry Aw, Managing Director of Fortune Soy said, “CalAir pipes are very flexible and easy to install.”

Henry Aw specified the system after being impressed by its easy handling, manageability and low maintenance requirements. The system is typically 3-4 times quicker to install than traditional pipe lines.

Henry Aw said, “The CalAir pipes have several advantages over steel pipes. The installation of the piping system was very quick. It usually takes much longer to install pipes made of traditional materials. The pipes are also very light and require no special treatment as well as being very clean.”

The initial installation commenced service in early 2005 and has been expanded and changed on an ongoing basis as production needs change. Henry Aw said, “In that time I have found that the pipe systems are inherently efficient and any problems are easy to fix.”

Typically weighing eight times less than steel, CalAir pipe systems are reusable, re-locatable, and recyclable as well as being permanently colour-coded for safety, according to the gases and liquids they are used to carry.
Fortune Soy’s pneumatic pipe systems are coloured aqua and the Water-Pro pipes are coloured green in accordance with AS 1345-1995. The other CalAir systems are coded beige for gas, red for fire services, violet for acids and alkalines, brown for oil and black for waste.

In addition to the product’s speed, durability and ease of handling, Henry Aw said that the service provided by CalAir Pipe Systems was as good as the product itself.

Henry Aw said, “CalAir offers very reliable service and one-day delivery. I really appreciated that.”

The Managing Director of CalAir Pipe Systems , John McNab, said that the non-corrosive, low-friction internal bore of the polymer pipelines means they will neither damage expensive tools by depositing particulates into the neither airstream nor waste compressor energy by inhibiting air flow with the rust buildups that can strangle traditional systems.

John McNab added, “Also, they are very easy and safe for maintenance and production workers because their permanent colours immediately identify the contents of the pipes they are working with. This is important because, in coming years, many existing traditional pipe systems may need to be replaced in the face of evolving health, safety and environmental regulations such as those contained in the Australian Occupation Health and Safety Act. This situation is mirrored in many international markets as an increasing trend.”

CalAir Pipe Systems introduced its colour- coded polymer pipe systems as an alternative to imported systems.

John McNab said that CalAir’s pipe systems are an increasingly attractive alternative to traditional steel pipe systems because they can provide a reduction of 40% in frictional losses and the high sealing efficiency to further reduce energy costs.

The CalAir piping system is a totally integrated system, with a comprehensive range of joints, cross-pieces, elbows, fasteners and fittings. The system is simple, versatile and flexible to use without requiring any expensive specialist trades such as welding. Unlike metal welded systems which frequently have to be junked when production facilities change location, the CalAir system can be dismantled, cleanly packed away and reconverted to a new use.

Available in sizes from half-inch to four-inch nominal bore (12.5mm-100mm), the sizes involved in the Fortune Soy installation were:

  • Air-Pro: A2 (25mm), A3 (32mm), A4 (40mm)
  • Water-Pro: W4 (40mm)

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