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Aust bushfire protection system to go global

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AN Australian-designed bushfire protection system, CalAir Pipe Systems’ Fire-Pro EWSS (External Water Spray System), which automatically drenches danger areas of house exteriors when life and property are under threat, is to be marketed internationally.

The system will be introduced to the UK and then later to the US market, as part of CalAir's float on the Newcastle Stock Exchange from 1 September.

The Fire-Pro EWSS is activated by low-voltage heat detectors as temperatures rise to danger levels. It is part of the company's family of environmentally sensitive and safety-oriented piping systems.

The system is designed as a safer and practical alternative to last-resort measures such as people standing on roofs with garden hoses as wildfires approach - the horrific images seen nearly every summer as new bushfires threaten homes in places ranging from Australia to California and the South of France.

According to CalAir, the Fire-Pro EWSS is Australia's first professionally designed and manufactured bushfire protection system for new and existing houses, featuring built-in installation with all major pipe system components located within the roof space.

The low-profile roof mist and eave drencher spray nozzles of the Fire-Pro EWSS were especially designed for weathertight installation and provide blanket coverage of external areas posing greatest risk, including RM1 nozzles for protection of flying embers on roofs and gutters and ED1 nozzles for protection of windows and doors.

Drawing water from either swimming pools or dedicated tanks, the system comes complete with pipe and pipe fittings, hose assemblies, spray nozzles, valves, heat detectors and with pumping equipment from industry leader, Davey Pumps.

"With increasingly violent weather worldwide - and fears of fire risk generated by global warming - this product has great potential in building and safety markets internationally," said CalAir pipe systems Managing Director, Mr John McNab.

Fire-Pro EWSS is a member of the CalAir family of polymer piping systems for high-performance handling compressed air.

Typically weighing eight times less than steel and permanently colour-coded for optimum safety as required by OHS regulations, the product can't rust to clog up pipes or damage expensive tools and waste energy by making compressors work harder to push air through corroded, shrinking internal diameters.

The energy-efficient, low-friction, recyclable CalAir system is a 21st century alternative to metal systems fundamentally unchanged since the Industrial Revolution.

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