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Airpower to distribute non-corrosive and low-friction polymer pipe systems

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An innovative Australian manufacturer of tough, light and recyclable piping systems, CalAir Pipe Systems, has entered Europe with the appointment of a distributor in Ireland.

Airpower Pneumatics and Custom Solutions, with 30 years experience in the pneumatics and reticulation industry, will distribute CalAir’s non-corrosive and low-friction polymer pipe systems for high-performance handling of compressed air, gases, chemicals, oil and water.

With more than 6,500 installations in Australia and Asia Pacific, CalAir systems are lightweight and are permanently colour-coded for content to provide optimum safety for installation, operational and maintenance staff.

Manufactured in Australia by a family-owned private company, the energy-saving CalAir pressure piping systems will not rust internally and are easy and fast to erect and reconfigure. No expensive skilled labour is needed, or specialised trades such as welding, just simple ring wrenches used by normal factory labour.

Given Airpower’s extensive experience as a fully independent high-quality provider of pneumatics and custom solutions, it offers an ideal service and distribution network to markets in Ireland, the United Kingdom and beyond.

According to Airpower Pneumatics and Custom Solutions, the environmentally sensitive and safety-oriented Pro-Pipe II CalAir polymer piping product range will be accepted in advanced economies because it is founded on concepts offering 21st century alternatives to metal systems fundamentally unchanged since the Industrial Revolution.

The CalAir range includes especially formulated halogen-free, flame-retardant versions of its proven pipe systems that retain all the established advantages of polymers including great flexibility but do not lose their strength or pressure capabilities under demanding operational conditions.

The halogen-free formulation opens up new markets for polymer pressure pipe used for compressed air, industrial gases and liquids, for example, as well as for electrical conduit in applications where human life and health may be at risk and high-cost assets are to be protected.

These include tunnelling projects and surface and sub-surface building and resource engineering applications, as well as onshore and offshore infrastructure.

Both the new HFT product and CalAir’s Pro-Pipe II family of industrial and commercial pipe systems are designed to be recyclable that is virtually an entire installation can be picked up from one plant and moved to the next.

CalAir has founded its business on systems that can be dismantled, cleanly packed away and reconverted to a new use.

Being less expensive for food, beverage and chemical applications the Australian top 100 companies (including Ford, General Motors and BHP-Billiton) CalAir’s pressure pipe products have been recognised by the Australian Government with an Export Achievement Award.

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