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Wolfson’s myZone Technology Delivers Digital ANC ASIC to Headphones and Headsets

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Caelera  offers the innovative WM2002 stereo headphone driver, a digital ambient noise cancelling (ANC) application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) from Wolfson Microelectronics plc. 

Featuring Wolfson’s revolutionary myZone digital ambient noise cancellation technology, the WM2002 will enable global electronics manufacturers to provide consumers with cost-effective, mass-market, noise cancelling headphones and headsets.

Using unique feed-forward noise cancellation, the WM2002 delivers best-in-class digital ANC performance, enabling up to 30dB peak active ambient noise cancellation.

Depending on the acoustics implementation, the WM2002 actively cancels noise up to 3.5kHz, while maintaining exceptional audio quality that allows users to listen to music or take calls in noisy environments.

It delivers significant savings for manufacturers in development costs, time to market and on the production line as well as enabling a smaller PCB footprint, which allows designers more flexibility in creating compelling designs.

Designed for embedded applications or incorporation within a standalone pad-on-ear or ear-bud headset or headphone, the WM2002 supports analogue playback and analogue or digital microphone inputs for noise monitoring microphones, and is the perfect complement to Wolfson’s family of analogue and digital silicon micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) microphones.

The WM2002 provides integrated power management comprising of a DC-DC converter, charge pump and LDO regulators while the entire device can be powered from a single cell AAA battery, two AAA cells or from an external regulated supply, providing manufacturers and brand customers with unrivalled flexibility.

The device is configured using programmable memory settings stored in an integrated non-volatile memory, and the configuration stored in the one-time programmable (OTP) memory is enabled automatically at start-up.

Kevin Carey, Wolfson’s ANC Business Development Manager, said, “Wolfson continues to lead the way in delivering world-class ANC solutions to the consumer electronics market. The WM2002 is a true HD audio solution for the next generation of noise cancelling products and will allow our global customers to make mass-market, noise cancelling headphones and headsets a reality.”

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