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CMLS' new CMX7041 Two-Way Radio Processor is the second product in a revolutionary new platform approach to modern two-way radio design.

Available from Caelera Pty Ltd , it provides a comprehensive feature-set as standard plus a roadmap of function enhancements available through CML’s FirmASIC technology.

The CMX7031 is a full-function, half-duplex, audio, signalling and data processor IC. It is suitable for implementation in professional radio (PMR/LMR, Trunking etc), leisure radio (GMRS, FRS, PMR446 and MURS), Marine VHF, aviation and amateur radio products.

The CMX7031 provides concurrent sub-audio band and in-band signalling, complete audio processing and a comprehensive data modem implementation.

The FFSK/MSK data modem provides a free format data mode and a robust flexible packet data mode, using CRC, FEC, interleaving and scrambling.

The device features two on-chip RF synthesisers that can be used for efficient switching between Rx and Tx operating modes.

Additionally, two user programmable system clock outputs are provided and auxiliary ADC and DAC blocks are provided, to enable full control of the radio functions and minimise the overall chip count.

A user-programmable PLL generates all internal clocks and is driven from the Xtal/reference clock input. This supports a wide selection of Xtal/reference clocks and allows one clock source to be internally reused for both baseband and RF synthesiser functions.

A flexible power control facility allows the device to maximise power-saving while not processing signals or when specific functions are not enabled.

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