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Secure serial-to-Ethernet device server available from Caelera

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Secure iLAN is a secure serial-to-Ethernet device server that enables installed serial devices to connect through a serial port to the internet over a 10/100BaseT Ethernet LAN. Secure iLAN acts as a security gap between the host application and the network.

Secure iLAN eliminates the need for any hardware modifications to the host device. Simply connect a serial cable from Secure iLAN’s RS232 or RS485 connector to your device and an Ethernet cable from your local area network to Secure iLAN’s RJ-45 connector.

The internet engine inside Secure iLAN is Connect One’s remotely updateable iChip CO2128 Secure Internet Controller.

Connect One’s AT+i protocol eliminates the need for Internet programming and minimises changes to the host application. Connect One’s SerialNET operating mode completely eliminates the need for changes to the host application, as it is a true plug-and-play operating mode.

Secure iLAN provides one secure SSL3/TLS1 socket, up to 10 simultaneous active TCP/UDP sockets, and two listening sockets. It also includes an HTTP web server with two websites: one for configuration and one for the application.

Secure iLAN is powered by an external 9VDC power supply. Alternatively, it can be powered through pin 9 of the RS232/RS485 connector to the host device.

Application program Interface:

  • Connect One’s AT+i protocol
  • SerialNET mode for transparent serial data-to-Internet bridging

Internet protocols:

Security protocols:
SSL3/TLS1, HTTPS, FTPS, RSA, AES-128/256, 3DES, RC-4, SHA-1 and MD-5.

Protocols accelerated in HW:
AES, 3DES and SHA.

Hardware description:

  • Size: 110x67x28mm (4.3x2.6x1.1”)
  • Weight: 96g (3.4 oz.)
  • Operating humidity: 90% maximum (non-condensing)
  • Operating temperature range: 5° to 50°C (41° to 122°F)
  • Power supply input: 6-24VDC. 9V power supply included unless otherwise specified. Power from host device optionally available through pin 9 of serial connector.
  • Power consumption: 0.8W at 9VDC
  • LEDs: LNK – Link status; ACT – LAN activity; SNET – SerialNET mode activity; PWR – Power
  • Connectors: RS232/RS485, RJ-45, 2.1mm power jack
  • Plastic enclosure

Performance specifications:

  • Host data rate: Up to 1Mbps
  • Serial data format (AT+i mode): Asynchronous character; binary; 8 data, bits; no parity; 1 stop bit.
  • Serial data format (SerialNET mode): Asynchronous character; binary; 7 or 8 data bits; odd, even or no parity; 1 stop bit.
  • Flow control: hardware (DTR, RTS, CTS, DSR) and software flow control

Secure iLAN firmware and device configuration parameters can be remotely updated over the internet.

Secure iLAN can be easily configured via Connect One’s iChipConfig utility. This Windows-based utility enables quick configuration of the iChip CO2128 via a local serial connection or via the Web. The iChipConfig utility also enables packaging of the application’s website.

The Secure iLAN, a secure serial-to-Ethernet device server is available from Caelera .

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