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SPA-1526Z power amplifier from Caelera

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RFMD’s SPA-1526Z, available from Caelera, is a high linearity single-stage class A Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HBT) power amplifier.

The SPA-1526Z is made with InGaP-on-GaAs device technology and fabricated with MOCVD for suitable combination of low cost and high reliability.

It is well suited for use as a driver stage in macro/micro-cell infrastructure equipment, or as the final output stage in pico-cell infrastructure equipment.

It features an input power detector, on/off power control, ESD protection, overall robustness, and a hand reworkable and thermally enhanced Preliminary SOF-26 package.

SPA-1526Z features:

  • P1dB=32dBm @ 2140MHz
  • ACP=-65dBc with 18.4dBm channel power @ 2140MHz
  • Low thermal resistance package
  • Power up/down control<1μs
  • Robust Class 1C ESD

SPA-1526Z applications:

  • Macro/micro-cell driver stage
  • Pico-cell output stage
  • Single and multi-carrier applications

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