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Quad-channel video crosspoint switch

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MINDSPEED Technologies has released a 4x4 matrix quad-channel video crosspoint switch. It has also released three stand-alone reclockers and fixed-configuration devices for broadcast video applications. They are available from Caelera .

Each device reduces power dissipation to 400mW (typical) with all channels configured and active. They deliver improved jitter generation, jitter tolerance, and jitter transfer along with simplified thermal management.

Each device features Mindspeed's Amplif-Eye signal conditioning. This includes input equalisation for multiple data rates and various trace lengths up to 60” and output pre-emphasis. Built in test capabilities are provided by a fully independent pseudo-random bit sequence transmitter/receiver. Integrated loop filter components and I/O termination resistors simplify PCB designs while reducing cost. Other PCB-friendly layout features such as I/O polarity programmability facilitate quick PCB turn times while maintaining signal integrity.

The M21260 is an integrated 4x4 crosspoint switch with a non-blocking architecture and broadcast/multicast functionality. The device's fully independent quad-channel multi-rate video reclockers are Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) compliant. They are also digital video broadcast-asynchronous serial interface (DVB-ASI) compliant and feature both hardware and software control modes a well as a 0 to 1.6 Gbps bypass mode.

The M21250/51/52 quad-channel multirate video reclockers are SMPTE and DVB-ASI compliant. They have three incremental performance options from 143Mbps to 540Mbps (SD), 1600 Mbps (SD/HD) and full 3200 Mbps (SD/HD/2xHD) data rates.

The M21261/2 1:4 fanout and 4:1 selector devices have a (143 Mbps to 1.6 Gbps) performance range from 143Mbps to 1.6Gbps, with a fixed-configuration format. The devices perform either fanout or selector functions in secondary switching applications for large scalable routing switcher matrices and distribution amplifiers or input selectors.

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