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Newest Comcerto Family Member Tailored for Low-Density Access and Enterprise IP-PBX Applications

Supplier News

Caelera  offers the Comcerto 300xv processor from Mindspeed that cuts fibre-access equipment costs and power consumption for VoIP service delivery.

Mindspeed Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions for network infrastructure applications has released the Comcerto 300xv family of voice over IP (VoIP) processing devices that deliver a complete hardware and software solution for integrated VoIP media, signalling and control processing in low-to-medium density next-generation network (NGN), IP multimedia system (IMS) and IP-private branch exchange (IP-PBX) equipment.

Key features of Mindspeed's Comcerto 300xv system-on-chip (SoC):

  • Leverages the company's award-winning multi-core Comcerto 300 architecture
  • Reduces bill of material (BOM) costs for price-sensitive platforms such as passive optical networking (PON) multi-dwelling unit (MDU) equipment and IP-PBX systems
  • Flexible architecture makes it easy for customers to differentiate their products
  • Includes support for master/slave modes and multiple booting methods
  • Complete, production-quality OpenWrt-based Linux design kit provides access to hundreds of applications and can be used to create a functionally complete routing platform
  • Supported by a complete reference design package, including an open-source session initiation protocol (SIP) signalling stack and low-level board support packages (BSP)

Platforms using the Comcerto 300xv SoC retain full software feature and application programming interface (API) compatibility with prior Comcerto 300 designs.

The software also supports wideband voice codecs for high-definition VoIP applications.

"Mindspeed continues to drive cost and performance improvements for our Comcerto carrier-class voice processing platform," said Tricus Wang, product manager for Mindspeed's communications convergence processing (CCP) business unit.  

"The Comcerto 300xv is an ideal solution for cost- and power-sensitive VoIP platforms ranging from passive optical networking equipment and IP digital subscriber line (DSL) access multiplexers to multi-service access nodes and IP-PBX equipment.”

Product Details

The Comcerto 300xv device's two ARM processors are coupled through shared memory to create a complete media stream processing (MSP) subsystem.

One processor is paired to powerful digital signal processing (DSP) resources and integrated memory to optimise real-time, low-latency voice processing, while the other is dedicated to control and signalling processing (CSP) functions.

The inclusion of two independently configurable 10/100/1000 Ethernet interfaces enables the Comcerto 300xv device to support a rich set of configuration options, and allows direct control and management of Ethernet switches or PON media access control (MAC) functions.

Comcerto 300xv devices are available in six performance levels to support from four to more than 128 G.711/20ms channels with echo cancellation, tone detection and other POTS-focused features.

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