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Mindspeed’s Crosspoint 48-Channel and 36-Channel 6.5 Gbps Devices available from Caelera

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Mindspeed Technologies, Inc. expands their industry-leading Crosspoint family of switches with the addition of 48x48 and 36x36 devices.

Mindspeed is a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions for network infrastructure applications.

Mindspeed demonstrated their switching and signal conditioning solutions at the SC10 held recently in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The new 48x48 M21148 and 36x36 M23636 Crosspoint switches feature Mindspeed's Amplif-Eye signal-integrity management technology that delivers signal transmission speeds up to 6.5 Gbps.

Mindspeed's Amplif-Eye signal-integrity solutions enable storage, server and networking systems to support the industry's migration to higher data rates over backplanes and cabling media. These solutions deliver error-free high speed data transmission across cables and backplane traces.

The switches family includes re-driving signal conditioners that use transmit and receive equalisation to correct insertion loss, and re-timing signal conditioners that add a clock data recovery (CDR) circuit to resolve jitter caused by crosstalk and reflections.

Some of the products exhibited at the SC10 included an eight-channel M21363 CDR that maintains high PCI Express data rates while transmitting data to and from a video card across 10 metres of 30 AWG cable.

The company also demonstrated its dual-channel M21450 implementing serial attached SCSI (SAS) protocol across long twin-ax cables.

Kurt Busch, Senior Vice President and General Manager, high-performance analogue business unit at Mindspeed says that their Amplif-Eye products play a critical role in virtually every high-performance PCI Express, InfiniBand and SAS system design as data rates and cabling lengths grow.   

Mindspeed’s Amplif-Eye products are available from Caelera .

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