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Mindspeed high-density re-timers for PCI Express and InfiniBand, from Caelera

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Mindspeed Technologies announced it has extended its signal-conditioning portfolio with the addition of three re-timers with integrated clock data recovery (CDR) circuits, all available from Caelera .

The devices perform challenging backplane signal-conditioning functions in the previously under-served 4.25 Gbps through 5.5 Gbps transmission range, in support of the PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 2 and InfiniBand double data rate (DDR) protocols.

Features and benefits of the re-timers include:

  • The M21362 re- timers are an ideal solution for implementing long PCIe Gen 2 channels
  •  Eight half-duplex channels on the re timers equate to four lanes of PCIe transmission capability, and the device supports Electrical Idle transparency as well as PCIe's spread-spectrum clocking-and-receive detect feature
  • Both the M21362 and M21363 re timers support data rates to 5.5 Gbps whereas the M21444 operates up to 4.25 Gbps
  • All three re timers feature fully non-blocking crosspoint switches that allow any input to be connected to any output for the ultimate flexibility in signal switching
  • The M21362 re timer is equipped with eight half-duplex channels while the M21363 and M21444 each have 12
  • Each of the re-timers' channels features an independently programmable equalizer and an output driver with de-emphasis, enabling them to compensate for insertion losses accumulated across long PCB traces or cables
  • Each device's input is equipped with a CDR that dramatically reduces channel jitter that cannot be equalized
  • This type of non-equalizable jitter is typically the result of discontinuities and/or crosstalk and is most often found in high-density systems or those using low-cost PCB materials or connectors
  • The re timers feature pseudo-random binary sequence (PRBS) generators and checkers on each channel. The combination of a crosspoint switch for loopback capability plus PRBS generation and checking provides a powerful tool for quick channel bring-up
All three devices reduce both space requirements and power consumption. Manufactured in low-power complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS), the M21362/63 devices may be powered from a 1.2V supply for the lowest power consumption, with an option to power output drivers at 1.8V for maximum output swing.

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