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Mindspeed Technologies releases world first crosspoint switch, available from Caelera

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Leading supplier of semiconductor solutions for network infrastructures, Mindspeed Technologies, has recently announced the world's first 288x288 asynchronous non-blocking crosspoint switch.

The M21170 non-blocking crosspoint switch provides an unprecedented 82,944 unique switching paths in a single, monolithic integrated circuit, and will enable a new generation of larger serial data switches, such as those used by optical transport and broadcast video networks.

The most common switching devices used in large routers to date have been 144x144 crosspoint switches. The M21170 asynchronous non-blocking crosspoint switch uses a single chip to create a 288x288 non-blocking matrix for a router's switching core, replacing four cascaded 144x144 crosspoints required to achieve the same number of inputs and outputs.

This method reduces the size, cost and complexity of today's largest switchers, and the quadrupling of the core matrix will double the available switching capacity, enabling users to route significantly higher numbers of serial data streams.

Each switching path in the M21170 non-blocking crosspoint switch can operate independently at any data rate of up to 3.2 Gigabites per second, allowing for multi-rate routing and switching in a single device.

The crosspoint also uses Mindspeed Technologies' proven signal-conditioning technology to compensate for signal losses that typically accumulate across the extended trace lengths of large systems. This signal-conditioning technology provides a robust, easy-to-implement solution that includes input equalization for multiple data rates, various trace lengths up to 40 inches, and output pre-emphasis.

These and other features of the M21170 non-blocking crosspoint switch make it ideal for a wide variety of switching applications, including SD/HD/3G-SDI routers for broadcast video and OTN switches for telecom service provider networks.

Crosspoint switches used in the video broadcast industry

The M21170 crosspoint switch will enable video broadcast equipment manufacturers to meet the growing market demand for more content, and the subsequent generation, routing and distribution of it within a television station, by simplifying the design of large matrix video broadcast routing switchers used by organisations within the video broadcast industry.

"The new 288x288 device, the first of its kind, has the potential to dramatically improve equipment design while enabling a new generation of flexible, large scale, high performance routers. As total functional density continues to increase, technologies such as the new 288x288 device are essential for allowing us to improve performance, increase per RU port count, and reduce power consumption," says Rakesh Patel, Chief Technology Officer at Evertz Microsystems Ltd.

Crosspoint switches used in optical transport and switching

Crosspoint switches offer an efficient foundation on which to implement circuit switched backplanes. These backplanes are composed of hundreds of high speed serial links such as those found in today's highest performance Optical Transport Networks (OTN) / Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) systems.

On a per channel basis, circuit switch implementations typically cost approximately one third of packet switched ones. According to Infonetics Research, WDM bandwidth is expected to double by 2013, greatly increasing the demand for larger crosspoint switches used in that segment. By using Mindspeed Technologies crosspoint switches, system manufacturers can design products that are cost effective and able to deliver high performance and scalable solutions to meet the requirements of demanding service providers.

The M21170 joins a large family of Mindspeed Technologies cable drivers, cable equalisers, crosspoints, cable equalizers, reclockers, and signal conditioners that enable the development of sophisticated video broadcast equipment and OTN switches.

Mindspeed Technologies products are distributed within Australia by Caelera .

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