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article image Ideal choice for RF power amplifier applications: the SLD-1026Z

THE new Sirenza Microdevices' SLD-1026Z is a robust 3 Watt high performance LDMOS transistor designed for operation from 10 to 2700 MHz, available from Caelera Pty Ltd .

The SLD-1026Z is the first LDMOS transistor offered by Sirenza housed in a RoHS compliant plastic encapsulated surface mount package, Sirenza's proprietary new low thermal resistance SOF-26 package. Operating from 28V, 50mA quiescent current, the SLD-1026Z provides 19dB gain, 35 percent drain efficiency and 28dBc 3rd order intermodulation products at 3W output power.

It features a 3 Watt output P1dB, single polarity supply voltage, gain of 19dB at 915 MHz, 35% efficiency at 3W CW and integrated ESD Protection.

The high gain and efficiency of the SLD-1026Z make it an ideal choice for RF power amplifier applications. The proprietary SOF-26 plastic package also makes it an ideal choice for cost sensitive applications.

Applications include base station driver PA's, repeaters, point-to-point radios, RFID, and transmitters for HF, UHF, and VHF broadcast equipment, and avionics or military radios.

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