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Expanded card-on-a-chip family

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MINDSPEED Technologies has announced it has expanded its highly integrated DS3/E3 line card-on-a-chip (LoC) family to include products that support generic framing protocol (GFP) encapsulation for emerging Ethernet-over-DS3 applications in multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) data networks.

The M2931x family is available in one-to-six port configurations and is the first Ethernet-over-DS3 solution of its kind to include integrated line interface units (LIUs).

Available from Caelera , Mindspeed’s M2931x chipset is a complete DS3/E3 line termination system for the physical layer. Its devices integrate up to six independent line interface units (LIUs) with built-in jitter attenuators, plus up to six companion DS3/E3 framers.

In addition to supporting GFP encapsulation for Ethernet-over-pleisiochronous digital hierarchy (PDH) deployment, the M2931x also support high-level data link controller (HDLC) and asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) applications on a single data-networking platform, and each protocol can be selected on a per-port basis.

M2931x-based equipment will enable carriers to add a variety of Ethernet, voice and storage services to their offerings without replacing existing metro networks.

The M2931x family incorporates independent system interfaces to support cell and packet termination into an industry-standard system bus of UTOPIA Level 2 (UL2) for ATM, and POS-PHY Level 2 packets and/or SPI-3 for ATM cells, HDLC and GFP packets.

The LoC solution is supported by Mindspeed’s telecom application package (TAP) software for PHY devices, which features a well-defined application programming interface (API) that allows easy integration with higher-level applications software to shorten the development cycle.

Each M2931x channel can be turned off and tri-stated for redundancy support and power conservation. The devices require only one 19.44MHz reference clock (passive crystal) for generating all the necessary internal line rate clocks and enabling the same reference clock to be available.

Mindspeed’s M2931x family is part of a broader LoC offering that serves telecommunications, data communications and multi-service applications.

The M2932x solution supports telecommunications applications requiring densities from one to 12 ports, while the M2930x solution is targeted at multi-service communications applications requiring densities from one to six ports.

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