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DTMF codec/FSK modem combo

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THE CMX865 DTMF codec and FSK modem IC from CML offers multi-standard signalling capabilities for use in telemetry and telephone-based information systems. The DTMF codec offers outstanding immunity to falsing on voice and is coupled with a high performance V.23 FSK modem.

The CMX865 offers a versatile and reliable solution to designers of quality SMS phones, security alarm panels, automated calling systems, fixed wireless terminals/wireless local loops, remote vending operations and industrial control systems.

Available through Caelera , the CMX865 is compatible with either 2-wire or 4-wire telephone installations, providing a ringing/line reversal signal detector input and a relay drive output.

A full set of standard DTMF tones and signalling tones is available, these include modem call and answer tones and call-progress tones. Alternatively, encode and decode signalling functions can be software configured to generate and decode user-specific single and dual-tone signals.

The CMX865 also has the added benefit of programmable ‘twist’ on DTMF Tx, to compensate for non-linearities in the DAA. All timing, data rates, digital operations and signalling frequencies are sourced from a stable selectable 11.0592 or 12.288 MHz on-chip oscillator employing a single Xtal or external clock input.

Features include asynchronous and synchronous data modes with V.14 support, versatile telephone signalling facilities (DTMF and tones), independent Rx and Tx USART functions, three-state Tx line drive, ring and line reversal detector, hook-switch output and C-BUS serial interface.

Selectable modem standards and data rates are: V.23 (1200/75, 1200/1200, 75, 1200 bps) FSK, Bell 202 (1200/150, 1200/1200, 150, 1200 bps) FSK, Bell 103 (300/300 bps) FSK.

The CMX865 is available in a compact 24-pin plastic SOIC package, and operates in the 3.0 to 3.6 Volt range with facilities for powersaving and multiple wake-up modes.

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