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Crosspoint switch for SAN, LAN and WAN

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article image Crosspoint switches with signal conditioning, monitoring and testability features.

MINDSPEED Technologies, represented by Caelera , has extended its family of crosspoint switches to offer high-speed switching capabilities across a wide range of storage, local and wide area networking applications.

The new 2x2 and 4x4 crosspoint switches integrate Mindspeed’s Amplif-Eye signal conditioning technology with signal monitoring and testability features.

The 2x2 M21102, M21103, and M21104 and the 4x4 M21105 and M21107 crosspoint switches include integrated per-channel, multi-rate clock and data recovery (CDR) circuits at speed grades ranging from 42 Mbps to 3.2 Gbps.

The new devices enable customers to reduce debug time and monitor the real-time health of networks more efficiently and cost-effectively.

The integrated pseudo-random bit sequence (PRBS) generator allows customers to perform board-level diagnostics without expensive test equipment.

"These devices provide monitoring features for bringing up and diagnosing systems with minimal cost and time," Paul Duran, product line manager for Mindspeed said.

"The multi-rate capability of these devices strongly positions Mindspeed to penetrate the storage and enterprise markets, while giving customers the flexibility to utilise a single solution for multiple applications."

The crosspoint switches integrate a unique output pre-emphasis technology that does not need a recovered clock for operation.

The integrated adaptive equalisation feature is capable of supporting multiple data rates over 60" of FR-4 board material and multiple connectors at 3.2Gpbs.

The crosspoint switches can be configured through either an I²C interface, or alternatively via hardware pins, thereby eliminating the need for an external micro-controller.

The devices also have clock output options for every channel, eliminating the need for costly clock synthesisers.

For design flexibility, the new devices support DC-Coupled connections to CML, LVPECL, and Infiniband.

The I/O polarity can also be programmed for ease of layout.

The switches support any combination of OC-48, OC-48 with forward error correction (FEC), fibre channel (1x, 2x, 10x), Infiniband, Gigabit Ethernet, serial-ATA (1.5Gbps, 3Gbps) and XAUI data rates.

Typical power consumption for the M21102/3/4 2x2 crosspoint switches is 300mW, and as low as 420mW for the M21105/7 4x4 models with all channels and CDRs configured and active.

The CDRs enable hot swapping of line or switch cards for added system benefits.

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