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3Gbps Broadcast Video Cable Equaliser available from Caelera

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Mindspeed Technologies, distributed in Australia by Caelera, introduced a 3Gbps (2xHD), high-definition (HD) and standard definition (SD), dual-output video cable equaliser, rounding out its family of 3Gbps broadcast video products. Mindspeed now provides one of the first complete 3Gbps serial digital interface (SDI) solution on the market.

The M21424 video cable equaliser is one of the industry's only co-axial dual-output equaliser capable of supporting 2.5V low power operation in addition to legacy 3.3V, and is fully SMPTE standard compliant.

The dual-output 3G/HD/SD cable equaliser provides broadcast video equipment manufacturers flexibility by providing a secondary output that can be used as a monitoring output. According to Mindspeed, its new video equaliser combined with its existing 3G products is the next step toward enabling its customers the ability to build a single, multi-use 3G/HD/SD system. Mindspeed is committed to providing its customers comprehensive line of broadcast video products available.

Technical Details

The M21424 increases the maximum low jitter transmission distance of SDI video signals and DVB-ASI across commonly used bandwidth-limiting 75 Ohm coaxial cable. The device automatically optimises its transfer function based on the bit rate and cable length in order to minimise the inter-symbol interference (ISI) jitter caused by the cable as well as remove the DC offset components introduced with the pathological test pattern and AC coupling in systems.

The M21424 is designed to support data rates between 143Mbps and 2970Mbps, including SMPTE 292M, 259M, 344M and 424M.

Mindspeed's full line of broadcast video products includes single-port and quad-channel reclockers, dual-output cable driver, dual-output cable equaliser and a variety of crosspoints ranging from 4x4 to 144x144.

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