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Cable Labels launches System-Wide Solutions

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Cable labels  manufactures wide range of cables and labels which offers system wide solutions for sources like networking equipment, electrical and data cable accessories, signs and labels, coding and marking systems etc.

Cable Labels has made it possible to decrease the discovery of cable identification products and systems providing everything as set of consumables and software which includes colour bands, number bands, company logo's that are used individually and also in groups on various combinations.

The cable solution clearly identifies both ends of the cable and documents its function on that cable which enables the cable to follow system without circuits. Cable labels provides simple and reliable reuse of cables increasing the efficiency and decreases the cost of installation.

Cable labels are available in two different sizes and different colours for example Red for power, Yellow for data, White for vision. Such colours helps in offering fast and simple information about the cables. Cable labels manufactures cable management systems from simple label pricing programs to flexible and powerful databases.

Applications of Cable Labels includes Data and Voice, Communications, Broadcast, Production, Computer networks, power control systems where the management and maintenance of cables are important.

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