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ZERMA High-performance Granulators, Shredders, Pulverisers & Completely Integrated Recycling Systems from CTS

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With more than 50 years of experience, Zerma is one of the manufacturers of high quality granulators. From small slow speed granulators to large high performance granulators and heavy duty granulators that include the new improved compact granulators with integrated blower and sound proofing.

Specialised machines like the pipe and profile granulators and Zerma disc pulveriser systems for fine grinding applications are also available.

Adding a complete line of shredders starting with light shredders up to large heavy duty shredders ZERMA recycling machines range in drive power from 2.2 kW up to 200 kW and cover the whole spectrum of plastics size reduction applications.

The Zerma GS range of high performance granulators are based on new machine concepts which have been perfected throughout the years and leave nothing lacking. They can solve almost all problems of plastics granulation.

The housing, which is of a robust welded steel construction, is suitable for universal applications due to the removable deflector wedge that is designed to meet demanding applications.

Depending on the required application, there is a whole range of rotor options from the open 3-blade, aggressive bite types through to the heavy duty, semi-closed, 9-blade types.

All machines in the GS range produce a high quality granulate whether it be from injection moulded articles, sprues, pipes, profiles, sheets, film or start-up and head waste lump. The machines are economical, reliable, and easy to clean with a long service life.

All GS machines are also available with integral soundproofing.

Zerma developed the Zerma GSP range as conventional granulators have substantial problems handling long pipes and profiles.

To feed large and bulky materials, in many cases, cavities or platforms were needed but not anymore as due to the almost level feeding hopper, long pieces can be fed easily.

There is no risk of blocking as in case of congestion no more material will be accepted by the machine until the grinding chamber is empty. Then the machine will accept material again, and work can go on without problems.

The GSP range is based on the GS range and all the machine concepts and features that are present in the GS range and leave nothing lacking.

The Zerma GSH series granulators are designed for universal applications required for today’s plastic recycling facilities.

The completely welded heavy steel manufactured construction is designed to withstand demanding and universal applications due to the removable deflector wedge (third stator knife).

Rotor bearings, knife mounts and rotor shaft are oversized to cope with feed stock.

Depending on the required application the GSH series offers a complete range of rotor variants which are all built with the unique V cut technology.

The complete GSH range produces a high quality granulate, whether it be from bottle crates, profiles, sheet film, pipes or start-up lumps. The machines are economical, reliable, easy to clean and have a long service life.

Zerma offers a wide range of necessary ancillaries such as material transport systems, conveyor belts, metals separators, roller feeders etc.

The Zerma PM series of compact pulverisers are high speed, precision grinders for the processing of medium hard, impact resistant and friable materials.

Typical applications are the pulverising of plastic profile, tube, edge trim materials, film waste and also products from the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

The material to be pulverised is introduced through the centre of a vertically fixed grinding disc which is mounted concentrically with an identical high speed rotating disc.

Centrifugal force carries the material through the grinding area and the resulting powder is collected with a blower and cyclone system.

The Zerma ZS single shaft shredders have been developed as extremely rugged machines suitable for heavy duty applications.

They can be used to grind various materials such as lumps, large hollow parts, film, fibre and paper down to a particle size of about 25mm.

The ZS series of single shaft shredders comes with numerous features, innovative controls and different choices of rotors specifically designed for various material types.

All shredders operate at low speeds, thus generating operating at lower noise levels. A newly developed and patented ram feeder is only one of the unique features of the Zerma shredder product line.

CTS  supply, service and support Zerma throughout Australasia.

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