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Xaloy extrusion and moulding barrels from CTS Plastics machinery

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CTS Plastics machinery  is a provider of machinery for working with plastics. Equipment includes injection moulders, blow moulders, rotational moulders, single and twin screw extruders and complete extrusion lines, recycling and reclaim machines, as well as ancillary and automation equipment within a large range of new and used machinery and equipment for plastics processing industries.

Xaloy bimetallic barrels provide a choice of alloys to suit specific needs for resistance to abrasive and corrosive wear. CTS Plastics machinery is the the Australasian Agent for Xaloy USA. ISO 9001 registered facilities, improved structural backing steels and manufacturing techniques make Xaloy barrels have good consistency and reliability.

CTS Plastics machinery supplies the full product range of Xaloy barrels, which include these recognised types:

X-102 is used as general-purpose bimetallic barrel. Since its introduction in 1991, X-102 provides greater resistance to corrosion and abrasive wear when compared to generic substitutes from other suppliers X-102 is a chromium-modified boron-iron alloy.

X-800 gives good wear resistance. For both abrasive wear and corrosion resistance, X-800 is good. X-800 is a composite of particles of tungsten carbide, a hard material, uniformly dispersed in a matrix of corrosion-resistant nickel alloy. Micro hardness testing is used to test the wear resistance of X-800 because it is a composite.

Conventional Rockwell testing, involving a ball indentation device, only measures the hardness of the matrix alloy. Micro hardness testing homes in on the tungsten carbide particles that provide X-800's good resistance to abrasive wear with readings of 1200 Knoop.

X-309 gives good corrosion resistance. For severe corrosion environments X-309's nickel-boron-chrome alloy that has less than 1% iron is a suitable choice. This eliminates melt contamination caused by iron-based alloys.

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