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Want to manufacture water tanks? Roto Plastic Rotational Moulders from CTS

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Rotational moulding is a thermoplastic method to economically manufacture hollow products, from very simple products to very complicated ones.

Rotational moulding is well suited to the production of large hollow items such as water storage tanks.

The two-piece fabricated moulds for rotational moulding cost significantly less when compared with injection moulding or blow moulding moulds.  

The Basic Process

Rotational moulding is a 6 step process: 

  1. A certain amount of raw plastic material, in powder or micro pellet form, is poured in to one half of the mould
  2. The mould is closed
  3. The mould is heated and undergoes a bi-axial rotation in the oven
  4. The plastic material melts and adheres to the inside surface of the mould, forming a coat
  5. The mould exits the oven and is cooled
  6. The mould is opened in order to extract the finished hollow product  

Polyethylene (PE) is the most commonly used plastic material in the process of rotational moulding.

Vinyl represents the second most used plastic material in rotational moulding.

There are other kinds of plastic materials used in rotational moulding, but are less frequently used.

Thanks to rotational moulding you can produce items destined to various industrial fields; water storage tanks, chemical storage tanks, automotive, furniture, outdoor furniture, industry, marine, material treatment, highway safety barriers/divisions, sports, medical, transportation, and also toys.  

Advantages of rotational moulding

Use of moulds that have a relatively low price
Rotational moulding machines are considerably less expensive than other machines to process plastic materials, such as injection moulding or blow moulding machines
It is possible to mould different products at the same time
It is possible to mould items with straight walls
It is possible to mould hollow items with considerable dimensions
The products do not undergo great stress
There is little scrap and any scrap is recyclable  

Main Features

Available with spherical diameter 2500, 3500, 4000, 4500, 5500 mm.
Heavy duty Straight and Offset arms.
Easy to assemble tubular structure.
Straight doors for energy efficiency.
Digitally controlled energy efficient burner system.
Direct gearbox driven transmission.
Energy efficient oven with highly insulated panels.
Operator interface panel to set all the working parameters.
Automatic control of the temperature inside the moulds (optional).   

CTS Plastics Machinery supply, service and support ROTO PLASTIC Rotational Moulding Machines; the SPINNER "Shuttle" Machines with spherical diameter from 2,500mm to 5,500mm and CAROUSEL Machines with independent carriages and spherical diameter from 2,500mm to 4,500mm.

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