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Shini water chillers for maximum chilling at minimum cost from CTS

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Effectively and efficiently controlling the temperature of plastics processing equipment through water or other fluids is one of the most basic functions, a operation needs to handle well. Poor cooling affects cycle time, which affects residence time, which influences part quality, and so on. Controlling temperature, whether by cooling or heating, is not guesswork, but based on tried-and-true engineering formulas. The function of controlling the temperature can be achieved by a portable water chiller, a central chilling system, or by a cooling tower. The condenser cooling may be by air or by water. Temperature control that requires heat can use either water or oil as a medium, depending on the need. CTS supply a complete range of Shini Water Chillers, Shini Mould Temperature Controllers, and Water Cooling Towers for all temperature control needs.

Shini Water Chillers are considered indispensable to the modern plastics industry. Mechanically simple and user friendly, these compact, closed-circuit for pressurised R22 refrigerant, SIC range of air-cooled or water-cooled water chillers provide a lot of cooling power for the dollar. Economically designed for rugged, uninterrupted operation, these portable water chillers can be placed into position wherever a reliable source of process cooling water is needed at temperatures ranging from 7 to 30oC with ±1oC accuracy. Cooling capacities are from 6,600 to 110,000 Kcal/hr with compressor output power from 3 to 50HP.

Standard features include tube-in-shell condenser/evaporator, scroll type compressors, simplified control, heavy-duty construction, rust-free process surfaces.

The tube-in-shell evaporator ensures rapid cooling that can be used in environments with relatively high ambient temperatures. The tube-fin style condenser is air-cooled with a direct-drive fan motor providing efficient heat transfer and heat radiation.

Set the process fluid temperature with a microprocessor controller that continuously displays the process temperature. The easy-to-use, easy-to-read microprocessor control has digital temperature display, anti-freeze thermostat, as well as an LED status light for power, compressor, pump and overload protection.

The SIC line of portable water chillers are made with galvanised steel frames and galvanised sheet metal enclosure panels, and all smaller water chillers up to SIC-10 are on easy-to-move casters.

The non-ferrous pump that circulates the process fluid includes motor overload protection. All wetted surfaces are non-ferrous; process fluid remains uncontaminated with rust. The chilled water reservoir is made of stainless steel with insulation.

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