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SHINI dehumidifiers from CTS Plastics Machinery

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There are two types of SHINI dehumidifiers available for purchase from CTS Plastics Machinery . The SD series dehumidifiers use a twin tower system to deliver dry air flow rates of up to 1000 m³/hr and the SD.H series uses a honeycomb system to deliver dry air flow rates up to 2500 m³/hr.

It has been found that hygroscopic materials used in the plastics industry, for example nylon, polycarbonate and polyester, cannot be dried effectively using conventional hot air drying systems. The reason for this is that they are dependent on ambient conditions and are relatively inefficient in reducing moisture content. These hygroscopic materials need steady low dew-point dry air and a constant drying temperature to guarantee a residual moisture content of 0.02 per cent or less.

SHINI small model dehumidifiers feature an automatic regeneration cycle which is easy to operate. They can be installed with a single hopper dryer and their dual desiccant towers provide effective dryness. The larger model incorporates a closed mesh circuit design which eliminates pollution and absorbing vapours. They can be used together with multiple hoppers and have an in-built warning alarm to ensure safe operation.

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