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For every plastics product the right moulding machine from CTS

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Plastics not only shape the world we live in but also help us to lead our lives as individuals. The demand for individuality requires new opportunities for the plastics processor, who must produce the products that meet this demand.

Injection moulded parts have an important part to play in this regard. Flexibility and a broadly applicable technology are the basis for success.

The HAIDA range of affordable, fully-automatic, Injection Moulding Machines - a platform with toggle clamp technology throughout, compact machines, fast cycle times, and easy operation – is the plastics processor’s means of converting creative ideas into solid products.

The HAIDA Injection Moulding Machines offers proven, fully hydraulic machine technology with clamping forces from 50ton to 3,300tons, thus covering the entire range of applications for small to large-sized machines.

HAIDA HD, the machine series featuring the innovation potential of the reliable two-platen clamping system that has been supplied on more than 30,000 units since 1992.

High performance in a minimum of space thanks to a combination of HAIDA’s compact-design injection units, which minimises overall length of machine, and clamping unit with five-point twin-toggle mechanism for fast movements. The sturdy five-point twin-toggle system provides optimised force flux, rigidity, and distribution, as well as very precise platen movement, with extreme reliability delivered through ruggedly constructed machine components.

The plasticising system is the heart of an injection moulding machine. It consists of the material feeding, the screw with non-return valve and the barrel with nozzle. For all these components, the choice of material and the component geometry are fundamental. HAIDA offers an extensive range of plasticising systems and thus fulfils all the requirements of a modern injection moulding operation. As standard, HAIDA utilises a constant L/D ratio throughout the entire screw diameter range and thus fulfils the requirements of high plasticising performance and melt quality. Custom screw designs are available for special applications. HAIDA’s high-performance plasticising systems cater for all thermoplastic, thermoset and elastomer resins for shot weights of up to 50000g PS.

The easiest conceivable operation is thanks to the control concept offering full integration potential for machine, robot and ancillary units. Plug and play retro-fitment of optional SHINI ancillary and automation equipment is possible.

Available for quick delivery world-wide thanks to standardised production in all of HAIDA’s factories.

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