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CTS Plastics Machinery offers Shini CD series cabinet dryers

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Shini CD series cabinet dryers, now distributed by CTS Plastics Machinery , have been designed for small batch drying applications, particularly where the simultaneous drying of different materials is required.

Four model types are available, with fully laden tray capacities that range from 70 to 700 litres. All have a maximum drying temperature of up to 200ºC.

Material to be dried is laid on removable trays in these cabinet dryers to a depth of up to 50mm. The CD series is suitable for drying all types of polymer materials, including:

  • agricultural
  • food
  • paint backing
  • plating
  • printing; and
  • pharmaceutical materials.
When in operation, a blower forces air through a heating chamber located on one side of the cabinet dryers. The heated air then passes through a perforated side wall and over the trays of polymer material. As the material dries, the moist air is exhausted through the other side of the cabinet.

CD series dryers also feature:

  • a P.I.D. accurate electronic temperature controller
  • heat-sealed doors for maintaining a consistent temperature inside of machine and minimizing power consumption
  • stainless steel trays and internal parts to keep materials from pollution
  • an overtemperature protector.
  • motor overload protector; and
  • a 24 hour timer for automatic start-up.

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