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Specialised wastewater treatment solutions from CST WasteWater Solutions

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article image CST Wastewater Solutions supply specialised and innovative wastewater treatment equipment and services

CST Wastewater Solutions  is a supplier of specialised, innovative wastewater treatment solutions for industrial and municipal wastewater markets throughout Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, China, Africa, South America and the United States.

CST Wastewater Solutions offers the latest in specialised mechanical and process wastewater treatment equipment, built from their ‘hands-on’ experience in the industry and a clear understanding of their clients’ needs.

Beyond wastewater treatment equipment supply, CST Wastewater Solutions also have the ability to design, install, maintain, and in specific cases, operate premium wastewater treatment systems. For clients who require a more comprehensive solution, CST Wastewater Solutions constructs complete wastewater treatment plants in partnership with major specialist companies.

CST Wastewater Solutions offers a wide variety of quality equipment for:

  • water and wastewater screening
  • grit removal and dewatering 
  • septic receival stations
  • dissolved air flotation 
  • sedimentation systems and clarifiers
  • shaftless conveyors 
  • sludge dewatering
  • lime handling and silo systems
  • continuous sand filters 
  • microfilters and screens
  • solar-powered circulation 
  • UV disinfection
  • ozone generation 
  • anaerobic treatment.
In addition to this wastewater treatment equipment, CST Wastewater Solutions provide expert assistance with:
  • equipment design
  • equipment and systems selection
  • equipment installation and maintenance
  • operation of wastewater treatment systems
  • complete packaged plants
Having been in business for over two decades, CST Wastewater Solutions has earned itself a solid reputation for quality and service. The CST team possesses the extensive ‘first hand’ experience and practical knowledge that is required of today’s wastewater treatment industry, enabling them to select the best equipment and systems for a specific application.

CST Wastewater Solutions do not believe in a “one-sizefits-all” approach. Rather, their flexibility allows them to assess the unique needs and limitations of their clients in order to deliver the most appropriate and cost-effective solution possible – from basic wastewater treatment equipment supply to comprehensive plant design and construction.

Furthermore, CST Wastewater Solutions has a strong client focus, and through their broad range of wastewater treatment equipment, systems, reliable service and support, CST is dedicated to helping their clients conserve time, money and energy.

CST Wastewater Solutions can develop the ideal solution for any organisation’s needs. If they cannot devise one, they will be candid in their discussions and direct their client to an alternative resource.

With a robust network of partners, CST Wastewater Solutions works with a number of specialist companies to better serve their clients, including world leader in the process design of wastewater and bigoas plants, Global Water Engineering, water and wastewater pumping treatment organisation, Smith & Loveless Inc., and world leaders in UV disinfection for water reuse, Berson UV-techniek.

These strong global partnerships and relationships empower CST Wastewater Solutions with the expertise and resources needed to take on the most complex of wastewater treatment challenges.

All projects at CST Wastewater Solutions are carried out under formal quality and safety systems. The company's proprietary wastewater treatment equipment is manufactured to ISO9001 and EEC standards of safety and design, and they recognise the importance of safety and quality to their clients and adhere to the strictest of systems.

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