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Shaftless spiral conveyors from Contra Shear Technology

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article image STS-type shaftless spiral conveyors

STS-type shaftless spiral conveyors available from Contra Shear Technology follow the principle of traditional shaftless screw conveyor design.

The shaftless spiral is driven by a direct drive without the need for hanger bearings. Lengths of up to 40m are achievable without hanger bearings.

Contra Shear’s technology is in the design of a high tensile strength spiral which allows it to manufacture shaftless conveyor spirals of up to 700mm in diameter.

The shaftless conveyor spiral runs on either special ultra high molecular weight polyetheylene liner with strong wear resistant properties. These are available with wear indicators.

Alternatively for abrasive material such as sand/grit stainless steel bars are used. The liners are long life and easily replaceable.

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